Volunteers Needed!
By Member rcrenn
September 20, 2022

The Fairfield Fire & EMS is a Volunteer Fire Department. If you have some free time and like to help others we would love to hear from you. Naturally we are always looking for people to become firefighters and paramedics (training provided) but we have other opportunities to serve as well.

Some of the opportunities available include:

1. Fire Police
2. Kitchen Help for Bingo and other fundraising activities
3. Administrative Assistance
4. Serve on committees and projects
5. Fundraising Activities

If you’re interested in volunteering the application process is quite simple. Click on the “Join Our Team” tab on the left side of this webpage. You will find complete instructions there, as well as links for the background investigation form and the child abuse clearance form that must accompany the application. If you have any questions contact a member of call (717) 642-8842.

Join our team, help your neighbors, friends and the community!