Shop at Kennie's Market? Here's a free and easy way to donate to our Fire Department
By Member PIO
September 23, 2023

Kennie's Market currently has a program called "Community Rewards Program." If you shop at Kennie's Market and are a member of their rewards program they have a Community Rewards Program that will give 1% of whatever a customer spends back to a local non-profit (501 C3) organization. Currently, the Fairfield Community Fire Company is one of the organizations that could benefit from you shopping at any of the Kennie's Markets.

So If you are a member of the Kennie's Market Rewards program just go to their website and under the rewards/programs tab there is a drop down menu where the Fairfield Community Fire Company is listed. If you select us, we will receive 1% of whatever you spend whenever you shop at Kennie's. It's a fast, free and easy way for our Fire Department to benefit.

The only thing we are asking you to do is this;

If you shop at Kennie’s and haven’t joined their rewards program please do so.

If you are a Kennie’s Rewards Program member go to their webpage and under the Rewards and Programs section click on Community Rewards. Complete the information and remember to select Fairfield Community Fire Company. We will receive 1% of your purchase every time you shop at Kennie’s. What an easy way to donate to theCompany!

And finally, please tell your friends, your social media contacts, your followers, etc……tell whoever you can. Any one who selects us we will benefit (up to $30,000.00) every time they show at Kennie’s.

Thanks for your help with this! Remember, tell EVERYONE YOU CAN!!