Some more history …… Interview with the Kane Sisters
By Member rcrenn
November 22, 2021

Today I had the privilege of interviewing three ladies who grew up in Fairfield and played an important role in the Fairfield Fire Department's history. These young ladies were known as the Kane Sisters and their home was located next to the old fire house in Fairfield. Prior to the modern technology we currently have where calls are dispatched from the Emergency Center in Gettysburg. Whenever a fire occurred in Fairfield during the mid 1900s local residents would call locally to Fairfield to report them. These calls, for a period of time went to the Kane family home. Many times their daughters would record the location of the fire and ring the fire siren. The switch to operate this siren was located in their house. Whenever a fire call came in they would flip a light switch up and down to operate the siren. Click on the attached YouTube Link to listen to my interview with them as they reminisced about these experiences.

A special thanks to the entire Kane family for all their service and dedications to our fire department and the Fairfield Community.